David and Gillian Zeke

Wiltshire, England

Let me start by saying how beautiful the Kashmir valley is and how friendly its people are. Kashmir Caravans are justly proud of their region and endeavor to pass this passion on their visitors. Staffed by a team of excellent guides and drivers, KC presents their clients with full,hospitable Kashmir experience. Taking us around must see sights, both religious and historical, they also introduced us to the natural world, traditional culture of the area off the beaten track. It was the real Kashmir we wanted to see and KC understood that and delivered. Their commitment in providing a secure first class service is outstanding and their enthusiasm in telling their region's story is appreciated..Kashmir is a jewel in India's crown !

Timothy and Susan Marsh

Minehead, England

We have enjoyed our stay in Srinagar. The services provided by our guide/driver have been excellent and the stay on the house boat was outstanding.

Barbara Miolini & William S. Mulford

We stayed for a total of three nights in Srinagar, leaving all the arrangements of our trip in the hands of Kashmir Caravans. It was most certainly some of the most beautiful 4 days I have ever spent. Our holiday was seamlessly organized from the moment we landed at the airport to the time our flight took off. Over the course of our trip we were leisurely spirited from the many beautiful sights of the valley, with an incredible driver and capable guide. Because of the seamless hospitality of the whole team of Kashmir Caravans I have already promised myself to return in September and again in November. The trip was a dream and the breadth and scope of knowledge, the love for a place, and the soul put into his work is something very inspiring. Thank you all!

Marilyn Downing Staff

Founder - Asia Transpacific Journeys, USA

It was such a great pleasure to return to Kashmir after all these years. I have so enjoyed the warm welcome and good care of Muzaffar and his associates. I find Srinagar wonderfully friendly, interesting and beautiful. I can heartily recommend Muzaffar, Kashmir Caravans and Kashmir. He has been gracious enough to share with me theses few days and his personal touches to the details is what make for a most memorable journey. My sincere thanks and warmest wishes.

Jam Suchiva, Nopanit Isarankurs, Timtong Suchiva, Garn Aikwanich


Exclusive and tourist free routes, programme customized to our preferences and interest, extremely attentive staff and making as much effort for us as possible.

Kathy & Harlan Crow

Dallas, Texas

Kashmir, a veritable Garden of Eden, seems to us the loveliest state in India. Seeing Srinagar, Kashmir with Muza Andrabi and his company, Kashmir Caravans, is a marvelous and magical experience. Muza is full of life, enthusiasm and positive energy and works with his clients to create an unforgettable and wonderful experience, showing his guests the stunning beauty and remarkable culture of his home. Muza, a native of Srinagar, is a veritable history book, as he is extremely knowledgeable about past cultures and historical events which have defined this region. His enthusiasm is contagious. Srinagar is a place to experience pure natural beauty combined with a bright, energetic and welcoming people, a fascinating culture, customs and traditions that are singularly Kashmiri. All of this is delightfully enhanced by the wonderful insights, positive energy, incredible planning and charismatic personality of Muza Andrabi. Despite rumor of safety concerns for travelers, we NEVER experienced any worry or need for concern while we were there. Safety seems a natural given.

Ian Walker


Our guide was friendly,always on time & efficient. He imported the required information at each destination & it was not the naturalist that actually saw the bear when visited the national park for these many things, I give due credit. Our diver was also good performed all his duties excellently, was always polite & friendly.

Elise and Tully Friedman


Srinagar came alive with the local expertise and extensive historical knowledge of our guide. In one day I developed a deep understanding and appreciation for this beautiful city and it's rich heritage.

Tom Southern

Executive Chairman, Australia & New Zealand

From the very start your business impressed me Great web site and quick responses to my questions The arrangements were easy and reliable The trip itself could NOT have been better Your team is superb Faheem and Javed were so good The level of service was top notch Faheem is a unique person Skilled intelligent informed and good fun to be with I felt confident in their handling of everything we did I have travelled a lot and can say what you all provided was excellent My experience of Kashmir was rich and memorable I hope to be back Please thank everyone for their great service and a job really well done All the best Thank you also for the extra experience of the wedding -- wow what an event! Kind regards.

Mrs. Karen Bass & Mrs. Christine Cooper

UK & Australia

Guide – Overall impression, “Very satisfied” pleasant, helpful, punctual, flexible and good company. We enjoyed being introduced to local people and traditions of Kashmir - which our guide did very well. We also appreciate the attention to detail with shoe bags, feet covers, scarves, hand gel, bottle water etc. We felt well looked after and comfortable. Driver + Vehicle – We appreciated the comfort and A/C of the car and the safe skills of our driver. The car was always where we needed it to be in order to maximize our enjoyment of the different locations. We enjoyed the variety of different activities and the scheduling of them as suggested by our guide. We would highly recommend the tour to our friends worldwide. With thanks, for these special days.

Alexandra Penney

New York City

From the instant my toes touched down in Kashmir, I experienced a rare thing-- travel perfection -- as planned by Kashmir caravans. Security /safety which has been an issue for many Americans considering travel to Kashmir, was a complete non-issue. Our itinerary was planned specifically for us with the most luxe accommodations, wonderful adventures, and most impressive of all was our personal guide Muzaffar Andrabi who is incredibly knowledgeable, charming, sophisticated, thoughtful, and efficient (American style). Since he's lived and traveled in America, Muza totally gets what savvy Americans need and want when we travel and it's done before you can even think of it. He also happens to own the company with his brothers. They know pretty much everything about India and that's specifically why I'm coming back very soon!. Kashmir is mysterious, gorgeous and intriguing with its tribes, its unique architecture, its lost-in-time markets, its astonishing Venetian-like waterways and spectacular landscapes framed by the Himalayas. Go there with Muzaffar and see for yourself all its magnificence and mystery.

Mr. & Mrs. Madrell


A beautiful place lovely view over the lake. The staff is extremely helpful friendly. The food and service was good. A very special birthday made extra special by the birthday cake. Lovely dining area and lounge. The guide was always helpful and very knowledgeable. The boat trip to the floating market and the trip to the national park stand out. We feel very privileged to have been able to visit the park.

Mrs. Vivien Lomax


In the whole trip the best was the trip by Shikaras (boats), walking around old Srinagar and Dachigam National Park. It was very disappointing that we were not taken to outskirt village because of the Eid festival.

Miss J. Grewal

London, UK

The tour guide was very knowledgeable and helpful. Nothing was too much. Our guide showed all the beauty spots, birds and flora of the region. I will willingly recommend the trip and guide to Kashmir as it a splendid country. Visit to Dachigam national park was wonderful. The Shikaras (boats) rides were delightful. Due to Eid festival we were not able to visit a village.

Mr. & Mrs. Grannum


A very well organized team who had prepared a good itinerary. This has to be altered due to bad weather and one excursion was canceled due to Eid. The guide and his team were diligent, very helpful and always prompt. A very enjoyable 5 days.

Deborah Sharpe

Los Angeles, California

Coming to Srinagar, I was a bit worried about safety travelling around the country, but my guide made me rest assured that I would not be in any danger. What an absolute delightful and enriching few days we spent with our guide. He thoroughly showed me a great insight into his home town and surrounding areas. I felt safe and secure in Kashmir and it is sad that visitors are warned not to go to this part of India. It is too bad that the news sensationalizes danger to a point of fear. I will recommend your company and visiting Kashmir. Thank you for all your efforts in making my stay such a memorable experience.

Amber and Nathan Bennett

Padbury, WA

Our arrival at the airport could not have gone easier - the way we were greeted and met. Our guide was knowledgeable enough about the birds we saw on our boat rides. Both our driver and guide were fantastic, with good knowledge of the sites and spoke excellent English. We always felt safe in their presence. Would highly recommend 3 day houseboat stay to anybody coming to Kashmir, as the experience is unique and something to remember fondly.

Jean Claude Mahon and friends


Excellent choice of hotels and Houseboat with a friendly always available staff. We mainly appreciated the City tours, Gardens, Shikara rides and the beautiful country sides. The food on the houseboat was excellent. Very efficient and careful staff (drivers and guides) always on time, well educated. Kashmir people always ready to help us, Smiling!

Anne Christine Smith


Both guide and driver were very good. Come to Kashmir not really knowing what to expect I have learnt a lot and like what I have seen. House boat is a delightful place to stay with friendly staff for which nothing is too much trouble.

Dr Charles and Louise Markus


Srinagar and its surroundings are magical. It is an oasis of peaceful tranquility. With a lovely climate friendly welcome wherever we went, we have so many special memories. The stay on house boat was a unique luxury. Our Maharani suite at Lalit was an opulent with helpful staff. Our excursions were all special and tastefully organised by Kashmir Caravans. Many thanks for everything.

Roger and Pamela Hughes

Glasgow, UK

A very enjoyable week in beautiful Kashmir. Interesting and varied excursions with our guide who was able to show us places that are often not seen by the tourists. We had an excellent 4-night stay at the houseboat where we were very well looked after and well fed. Then a 3 night stay at the well-positioned Lalit hotel with its lovely views. Srinagar is an interesting and attractive city, we felt very safe and were made to feel welcome everywhere. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here.

Trevor Sanders, Linda Huskinson

Sydney, Australia

I had a very good guide and would give him 8 out of 10 for his outstanding performance. Even though he has gone through the whole itinerary we were supposed to do on our arrival, I suggest he should update his guests on day today basis as well, just that we know what the day is like. Our accommodations on house boat were fabulous and were well looked after. All excursions were superb.

Jenny Hastigsputh and Julian Hastigsputh

Berlin, Germany

Thanks for a great experience in Kashmir! We appreciate the cleanliness of room and good food. Thank you very much for your suggestion - we would have not visited or discovered these places on our own. All was very well organized. We suggest let people know to wear good shoes when going to countryside sites. We will be happy to recommend Kashmir Caravans to our friends.

Esther and Mike Ford


Kashmir has been very enjoyable both House boat and Hotel has provided different experiences, all good in their own way. We enjoyed four shikara rides via different routes. Sightseeing was varied and interesting. We particularly enjoyed learning about different cultures, customs and everyday life. The mosque, shrines and Sufism are very interesting particularly people are very friendly. The village walk was amazing, the temples of Naranag - Incredible!

Jaime Gorozpe

CEO, ITG, Mexico

"It has been a great experience coming to Kashmir. The house boat was extraordinary and by far the best accommodation. The selection of tours was perfect. My favorite among them being the walking tour around old Srinagar town. Our guide was simply extraordinary and by far among the best ones I have had in most of my trips all over the world. Definitely easy to trust Kashmir Caravans!

Phoebe Stephens & Annette Stephens

New York

Kashmir is one of the most magical places we have visited. This place is a must for any traveler, as it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The tour that Kashmir Caravans took us on is so culturally rich and was tailored exactly to our needs. Our guide was knowledgeable, professional and very thoughtful. This was an unforgettable experience. We will be back for SURE!!

B. Kurian

All in all a wonderful tour. I would like to commend you all, the interest everyone took to look after us. Our driver was an excellent man we felt safe and his genuine concern of protectiveness deserves a special mention. Our guide was equally excellent and informative. Will always remember with fondness each one of you. Thank you for making our trip to Kashmir comfortable and memorable - The beauty was there but you added that special touch with your excellent services.

R. Bhot

The staff in Gulmarg, House boats and Pahalgam was extremely nice. We felt safe and well looked after. The tour company went out of their way to arrange taking me to hospital when I was ill. Our guide and driver were superb.

Jane Kernick & Peter Kernick

Teddington, England

100% satisfaction with tour from airport pick up and airport drop off. Both the guides were exceptionally professional, knowledgeable and courteous and were more than capable of answering the many questions on a whole range of topics showing great patience and attitude. We both thoroughly enjoyed both full day tours and really feel we have got to know a lot about both Srinagar and Kashmir. An outstanding Guide is essential to a successful tour and he more than achieved this. Full Marks.

Mrs. & Mr. Stephen Browning

South Africa

The tour met all our expectations. The guide was knowledgeable, helpful and a calm professional driver. Many thanks to both of them.

Mr and Mrs. IJ Parkin

Baulkham Hills, N.S.W. Australia

We are not able to imagine how beautiful this area must be as it is most unfortunate that we arrived on the lake Nagin in such bad weather....it just started snowing and we were not able to see everything we were scheduled to. However, our carer on the house boat did keep us warm with wood-stove going on throughout and brought us delicious meals. It would be helpful if in the future you could advise your guests with suggestions on tipping! We are grateful that you provided us with - Map of the area, Departure information forms and also for the efficient manner you collected us from the airport. Thank you for the heated vehicle and complimentary water.

Robyn Dowse, Margaret Meena, Viven Pollard

Woronora heights, Sydney

On arriving at Srinagar we were immediately struck by the magnificent snow-capped mountains and the beautiful lakes. Even though we arrived just before the spring season - The scenery was spectacular. The town was a hive of activity and our tours of the religious sites gave us an insight to the culture and life of the people. The accommodation in the house boat was very special and a unique experience. The service was outstanding and everyone was friendly and kind. Our Tour Guide was exceptional in his knowledge of the place and its culture. We enjoyed the WALKS and country side trips experiencing the unique environment of the valley. The three days spent here were a culmination of an INCREDIBLE 3 week holiday in India!

Mrs. Frances & Mr. Alan Pitcher


Srinagar and outer areas are quite fascinating. You can see what a beautiful place it would be in spring and summer. The gardens were quite stunning if the fountains were working would make it even better. We hope government realizes what a fantastic history is here and considers preserving it. Staying on house boat was a unique experience. Love to return here in spring. Lovely tour for three days. Thank you to our guide for a wonderful tour and driver Shafi.

Charles Mundy


The Kashmir valley is amazingly beautiful and I recommend traveling to Leh by road and some of the adventures offered by Kashmir Caravans.

Christine Taylor


The most enjoyable trip. The shikara rides were a stunning way to appreciate the scenery and local life. The Mughal Gardens are spectacular, Dachigam National Park was peaceful and beautiful and we even got a glimpse of the rare Kashmir Stag. Particularly enjoyable was the trip to the weaving village giving rare insight into village, life untouched by tourism. The driver and guide were both courteous, helpful and professional. I thank them both for making my trip such a success.

Roop Kumar


All in all I had a very good trip. I am glad I finally made it here and saw the things first hand. I did not feel unsafe or had any issue with regards to safety when I was strolling along Hazratbal Mosque or any part of the city.You know you are in safe hands with KC. It makes such a difference to have a local show you around with their truly local knowledge. I was luck to have the elegant and charming guide look after me and take me around. I specially enjoyed lunch at local restaurant. Everything worked like a clockwork as one would expect from a premium service provider like KC.

Mrs & Mr. Lakhpati

Overall excellent experience. Hotel Lalit is very nice, they need some music or entertainment every evening for guests. KC staff was excellent, our driver was a great driver! We really enjoyed the beautiful Kashmir – the hospitality is the best.

Joanne Cruickshank

Nedlands, Western Australia

Very well organized and we felt safe and secure. The food was delicious and the whole experience was both incredible and amazing. I would highly recommend Kashmir Caravans for their care and attention to my holiday in Kashmir. Thank you so very much! Best wishes always.

Claire Burgess

Bali, Indonesia

Well organized trip in Kashmir! House boat Sukoon highly recommended. Babu the waiter and Deepak the cook were especially delightful. Trek was impressive but required more than a confident walker. Need to be very fit. Campsites and food were fabulous. Johny and his team were exceptional. Accommodation at Pahalgam was architecturally interesting. Hospitality from Muzaffar and his family was fabulous to experience. Many thanks for the superb organization.

Connie Plowright

Sorrento, Australia

What a wonderful life altering experience. Most enjoyable. I will encourage my family to visit. It was a true adventure, and I felt as though I was a “high achiever” trekking through the Himalayas. However, most importantly I felt very safe and well looked after by “Kashmir Caravans”. Thanks a million and cannot wait to return.

Robin Birch

Perth, Australia

An incomparable trip! Muzaffar and his team covered every possible detail to make or stay memorable, comfortable and stress free. Muzaffar’s incredible knowledge of Kashmir helped us to learn so much about this fascinating part of the world. Many thanks, and best wishes for future prosperity.

Kadek Adi Putra

Bali, Indonesia

Thank you very much for showing us the amazing Kashmir. From airport to Dal Lake to our trekking in the Kashmir valley, everything was done professionally. I had an amazing experience and I’m sure the rest of the group feel the same too!

Gary Elton


I take pleasure in recommending the trek we have undertaken. Outstanding scenery provided a background to the experience of witnessing Kashmiri shepherds and farmers undertaking their daily work. Throughout our tour we were cared for by an amazing group of young men whose skills as horsemen, guides and cooks were exemplary. At no time were we left to feel insecure on sometimes challenging terrain. The staff behaved as gentlemen and we have separated as friends. I have no hesitation in recommending this tour to anyone whose interest in nature and outdoor adventure has them travelling in Kashmir. As a 71-year-old I was apprehensive in setting off but have returned happy and fit.

Maggie Robertson

Byron Bay, Australia

Visiting Kashmir is a dream come true. Supported by Kashmir Caravans team my arrival in Srinagar staying on the stunning Sukoon houseboat unraveled a magic I never expected to be so majestic and well equipped, with every modern convenience necessary. Every aspect of my trip in Kashmir was stunning, the security in particular surprised me, hence at all times I felt safe and I will return as soon as possible. Thank you for your extraordinary hospitality, competence and friendliness.

Dean Williams

Siem Reap, Cambodia

I cannot recommend this tour company enough- truly amazing!The following eight days were spent trekking in the mountains of Aru which was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. The camping was very well planned, the guides were amazingly attentive and could not do enough to make the experience magical.I spent my first two days aboard the Sukoon house boat which was beautiful. The service and food was fantastic and the tour of the old city and lake village was very interesting.

Kieth Froom


For many years it had been my ambition to visit Kashmir. Having now completed a five-day visit to Srinagar, my appetite to visit more of Kashmir is whetted. Although security was obvious, it did not in any way interfere with my visit. I was able to visit where I wanted to go without any difficulty. I had often read of the beauty of the region, what I saw fully justified those comments. The Mughal gardens were stunning at that time of my visit. I much enjoyed Dachigam National Reserve which was like no other such reserve I have visited - it was explored on foot and I saw no one other than my very small group. The sights of Srinagar itself made for an interesting tour. Unique, however was the part of the tour spent travelling by shikara, with visits to island communities, floating market, floating gardens and bird life a plenty. Finally, all the Kashmiris I met were extremely friendly and helpful. I cannot wait to return.

Dr. Tag


I have to say thank you so much for making my holiday most memorable holiday I ever had. Thank you for making my dream come true to see the most beautiful place on earth and to live in the paradise for a few days. Sincerely of both my guide and driver, both of them went out of their way to please us! They made great efforts to help us in every way and to show us every possible beautiful corner in Kashmir. Thank you to all the people of Kashmir as they were very friendly and welcoming! I cannot wait to come back.

Betsy Andrews

Executive Editor, Saveur magazine USA

I cannot say enough things about Kashmir Caravans. The passion, intelligence and professionalism they bring to the job of guiding in Kashmir is superb. As a food writer, I was asking them to help with very specific and unusual requests, at all hours with very high expectations, all of which they more than fulfilled. They showed me so many extraordinary things that surprised and delighted me and provided me with excellent material, both on subject of food and beyond. they have the best contacts, the best information and the best attitude I have experienced in guides anywhere, our personal guide was tireless , unflappable, smart as can be and wonderful to be with. I will come back!

Ariana Lindquist

Professional Photographer USA

From the first moment we met Muzaffar we knew we were in good hands. Our guide was professional attentive and unflappable. Kashmir Caravans worked hard to meet our needs and make this work trip to Kashmir a success! Most importantly they did it so efficiently that I got to sit back, not to worry about the details and enjoy the heavenly delights that Kashmir has to offer. What an exquisite land.

Susan Geringer

Geringer Global Travels, USA

I first visited Kashmir in 1980 and have wanted to go back for many years. My dream finally came true with a visit in April 2014. I want to thank Kashmir Caravan team for an amazing time in a beautiful part of the world. My guide was great, knowledgeable, caring and a wonderful person to be with, she made Kashmir very special for me. I want to also thank the driver, who I enjoyed talking to, was an excellent driver and also took a great care of me. The interaction with the crafts people in Srinagar and learning about the crafts, meeting the shepherd women who embroider in Pahalgam, visiting Pahalgam with the views of the Himalaya mountains, visiting local villages, seeing the floating market at early dawn, staying on a houseboat on Nagin Lake, seeing the old city of Srinagar with its markets and architecture, going to Yusmarg and having a delicious picnic lunch, seeing the shrines especially Shah Hamdan in Srinagar with its different architectural designs on each side. Muzaffar, I am greatly impressed with your knowledge and contacts in Kashmir . You know Kashmir inside out and design trips that include the off beaten path places to visit. Being a tour operator in United States and specialising in India, I look forward to work with Kashmir Caravans and sending people to Kashmir.

Sarah Mahaffy

Quo Vadis

We were so grateful for Muzaffar's help in making our visit to Kashmir on George Mitchell's tour Mughal Architecture and Gardens such a success.

Suganya Anandakichenin

French Embassy School, India

We enjoyed a lot our stay in Kashmir. It might sound cliched to say that it was a memorable stay, but it is the truth at the same time. Everything was nearly perfect: the itinerary, the warm welcome we received, the pleasant boat house offering delicious food, the well mannered and friendly guide who took care of us all. And what really mattered is the attention to the details: without having someone to help us till we checked in, we might have lost quite some time in the confusion that prevailed at the airport. If we return, we will undoubtedly use the Kashmir Caravans services and will not hesitate twice before recommending Kashmir Caravans. Many thanks, Kashmir Caravans!

Maggee & John Cooper


We have very much enjoyed our brief visit to Srinagar, although the weather has made it very difficult to enjoy the sights at their best. However, our guide and driver have been very helpful and cheerful in trying their best to make our visit enjoyable. Hotel Taj is not to be recommended if any one wants a Kashmiri experience. The hotel is modern and could be anywhere in western world. The staff however have been very warm and helpful. Kashmiri authorities must improve rubbish situation or foreign tourists will stop coming.


Philadelphia, USA

I appreciate the thoughtfulness and passion that has been invested in providing the visitor an informative and exhilarating experience through direct contact with people of Kashmir. To be among the people in the streets of the old city, at sites of worship and in their homes was very special. Thank you for assuring that the majority of our time was spent with Kashmiris and not other tourists.

Dr. Sally Berridge


These few days in Kashmir have been a joy. Everything has been well organised and everyone has been extremely helpful and friendly. Muzaffar has hand picked our experiences from visiting Sufi shrines to an excursion into a high valley, to seeing the old town and the back waters of the Dal Lake. We have enjoyed myself so much,was an experience of a life time.


Adelaide, South Australia

I visited Kashmir in Spring 2014. I found Kashmir peaceful, its people incredibly friendly, open, hospitable, helpful, wanting to know you, full of smiling beautiful faces. Kashmir Valley, Srinagar and all its history, the mix of various religions is fascinating. I will be back, the call will be strong.

Nancy Fisher


A visit to Kashmir with Kashmir Caravans is transporting to a land of great beauty and friendly people who convey a strong sense of community. At every turn we were shown engaging sights, world renown gardens, a network of canals linking residential neighbourhoods, farms and old city with our lake shore houseboat "home". Within a few days, Kashmir Caravans had gracefully and expertly afforded us a cultural and geographic immersion in a journey for anyone who is curious about the world.


Sydney, Australia

After 23 years of disturbing news,headlines of the conflict in Kashmir,the nature of stability to the region meant that the time had finally come to find whether its romantic, tranquil image matched reality. I was not disappointed. The populace seemed genuinely pleased to see us- no jaded or resentful attitude to tourists here. And the gorgeous countryside and gardens, the fascinating and complex history, the handicrafts.

George Michell

London, UK

It has been a huge pleasure to re-visit Kashmir after more than 30 years and to enjoy the splendid setting of Srinagar with its gorgeous gardens and impressive historical buildings. Throughout our five days here we have been wonderfully looked after by Kashmir Caravans. We can only hope that more foreign visitors will start to come to Kashmir in the near future.

Larry Ceplair & Christine Holmgren

Santa Monica , CA

Srinagar is the place for those who delight in a city surrounded by snow capped mountains, filled with fascinating buildings, exquisite crafts, beautiful lakes & gardens. We felt completely relaxed and at ease, whether walking through the old city, visiting mosques and shrines, or being paddled around the Dal Lake. We visited few beautiful sights outside the city. There we walked through some of the most beautiful natural sights we have seen. We stayed in a privately own cottage, which was very tastefully furnished. Our regular guide and driver took excellent care of us. We are very grateful to you, for the city tour. It was the best we have experienced. Our four-day stay was a memorable one and we shall promote Kashmir to all our travel-prone friends.

Amanda Essex & Todd William Black


Dear Tafheem It was lovely meeting you and you were so gracious to show us around your beautiful city in Kashmir. Kashmir has been on my list of must-see places for sometime but I was a bit apprehensive due to climate and border issues. That being said you made us feel so welcome and safe in one of the most beautiful places n earth that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend travel to Kashmir under your most knowledgeable guidance. You and Kashmir Caravans supplied us with one of the most memorable experiences in India from the exceptional house boat to the beautiful gardens, the fantastic sounds and colors of the city, and the luxurious afternoon boat ride through the beautiful waterways on the lake. You have left us with an unforgettable experience which I hope to enjoy again soon perhaps with other friends & family. Both Todd and myself really enjoyed meeting you and your family and getting such a personalized care in your home town. We also really enjoyed getting a personalized tour of Andraab shop, which has perhaps the most incredible chic throws and wraps. Todd and I also visited both showrooms in Jaipur and Udaipur. We can't seem to get enough of your wonderful Kashmir. Thank you so much again for a fantastic trip.

Jennifer Baxter


Thank you so much for such a warm and welcoming stay. Seeing Yousmarg, craft villages was a highlight, it was so unique and special. Thank you all for one of the most unique and relaxing experiences I have had in Kashmir.

John Robshaw

[email protected]

We had the good fortune of being introduced to this lovely valley by Muzaffar, the Godfather of Kashmir. Back water boat ride was the highlight and generally had ourselves a lovely time. Kashmir Caravans is my vote for the connection to this beautiful world. Best John Robshaw - New York.

John Day & Ria

We are pleased to tell you that our tour went exceptionally well. We enjoyed our driver who took excellent care of us, National Park, the exotic place in Pahalgam. The houseboat on Nagin Lake was great & we enjoyed the food & the luxury. Best Wishes John Day & Ria.

Nicola Thomas

Managing Director, Accent on Travel, Auckland, New Zealand

I have wanted to come to Kashmir for many years and whilst I have only had three and a half days here, it has exceeded my expectations. The warm smiles, the wonderful climate in October, the fabulous Kashmiri food. But the town, its history and then the wonderful discovery, staying on the houseboat has been everything I hoped for. However, all this feeling of well-being and the sense of discovery that you feel is because of the wonderful organisation that goes into making sure everything is just right and I had a perfect guide. I loved her enthusiasm and knowledge. My sightseeing was fun, informative and at a perfect pace. Coming back to Kashmir for the almond blossom is on the list! Thank you Kashmir Caravans for an extraordinary experience.

Ms Hope Judith Smith

Rediscover Kashmir, its people, their warm hospitality and travel in style with Kashmir Caravans. Thank you for making our trip an experience we will share with everyone and spread the word to come now to Kashmir. Highlights: Backwater boat ride Dal Lake, walking through the old town & talking with shopkeepers, morning vegetable floating market, photo opportunities are endless. Again thank you, I will be your word of mouth, the best marketing you can have.

Ms Lois Nieto

Kashmir certainly exceeded my expectations. Thank you for taking us to places we would have never seen if you didn’t take us, the boat ride was one of the highlights for me. I think your company will be the best in Kashmir regarding unique experiences in India. Your hospitality and warm welcome made our experience in Kashmir leaving with us unbelievable memories to share with our friends in America.

Mrs Bilquis & Party

I, on behalf of the group of 8, who has just visited Kashmir must thank you for your wonderful services and wonderful services and personal hospitality accorded by Mr. Muzaffar Andrabi. We heard of Kashmir and her beauty and now we have seen it. The saying “Seeing Is Believing” is truly applicable in this case, one has to come and see Kashmir to see her beauty. We must make a special mention about out trip to Pahalgam, a place which cannot be described in such short time and brief way (about her beauty). Your staff, guides, and also the driver took real good care of us. Thanks & Regards

Mr Carl Burman

This was my first time to Kashmir and I would not have fallen in love with Kashmir if it was not for Mr. Muzaffar showing me and my friends the "Real Kashmir" "The Heart and Soul of Kashmir". He is such a kind refined, gentle and most important "Knowledgeable" experienced guide on the history, culture and religions of Kashmir. I feel blessed honored to meet Mr. Muza's family and share his love for Kashmir. Please do not hesitate to come to Kashmir as it’s very safe. Do not be mislead by what you read. The Kashmir people welcomed us in their homes plus always said God Bless You Peace Carl Burman (Sonoma, California)(Bali, Indonesia) Margaret River (Western Australia)

Mrs & Mr Ladha and Mrs & Mr Poonja

We had the pleasure of having Sheeban as our tour guide in Srinagar and we have been pleased with her excellent service and dedication to duty. She has been knowledgeable about the local area and tourist sites, providing up to date information about it. We have her to be helpful and courteous with a pleasant personality. We would highly recommend her in this type of work as she goes beyond her duty to please her clients like us. Anaar & Mansoor Ladha(Calgary,Canada) Gulli & Aziz Poonja (Calgary,Canada)

Miss Andrea Jane Acker & Party

Kashmir has exceeded my expectations, going behind the scenes and showing us the real Kashmir was the icing on the cake. I have seen the world but your unique way of showing Kashmir is what I liked the most. Best Wishes Andrea

Miss Antonet De La Rey

THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING TIME IN THIS BEAUTIFUL PARADISE (Even in winter). Muzaffar and Kashmir Caravans were superb. My itinerary was tailored to accommodate my personal needs and everything was done to make the trip memorable. The itinerary was excellent. The trip to villages was amazing, seeing how people live, their dedication and skill, their warmth and friendliness. They were no other tourists around, one of the things that make Kashmir Caravans special, you are not just taken to all the touristy places. Muzaffar knows Kashmir and is respected and I think that makes going around with him such a good experience. I was extremely impressed by being invited to a lunch at his beautiful home with his lovely family. It was truly special and I was received with such warmth and it was one of the highlights of my time in Kashmir. Please thank your family again. Muzaffar was always punctual and patient. He knows Kashmir and the history. He went out of his way to make my stay pleasant, even chatted to the hotel manager which resulted me being upgraded to a deluxe room. I honestly cannot think of anything which I would have wanted to be different. I needed time alone but also wanted to see the beauty of Kashmir and experience the people and I am leaving with many good memories and lots of happiness and peace. I shall definitely come back. Thank you from my heart. Kindest Regards Anotnet (through A&K)

Mrs & Mr Muhr

Dear Muzaffar, We are back in Greenwich, CT and are thinking often about the wonderful days in Kashmir. I am enclosing a stack of photos for the children of your weavers. Best regards and hopefully our paths will cross very soon and good luck with everything you are doing for Kashmir. Regards Elisabeth & Karlheinz.



On two occassions, Kashmir Caravans handled our ground details. Both were very different trips and experiences and I began to realise during the second trip how much I appreciated their inside knowledge and effort which went into making our tour effortless and one of the most memorable I have ever experienced. These guys go above and beyond

Annie Ferton


Muzza is definitely the person with whom you can find the way to organize something special, and have him propose treks, places, hotels, ... which are off the Indian tourism trails. I am sure it will be possible, and probably very exciting. We have adored both the houseboat, and the hotel-palace before our departure from Shrinagar.

Marieke Brugman

Marieke’s Art of Living
Also traveling on this trip were: Suzanne Halliday, traveller & philanthropist Melbourne (Yarra Valley) Ken Payne, professional traveller, Melbourne + Bali Manon Kanaroglou, London + Switzerland Amanda Pike, Interior designer, Sydney Victoria Alexander, Author & photographer, Sydney Annie + Michel Ferton, Paris + the Camargue

I have been leading luxury cultural, gastronomically focused tours throughout the subcontinent for almost 2 decades. Recently I designed a “fantasy“ program for friends to celebrate a significant birthday that ended with a lifelong dream to visit Kashmir. With an introduction to Muzzafar Andrabi from Kashmir Caravans, we totally fell on our feet with an incomparable host for 3 days. Muzza, in the most solicitous and caring of ways, with immense pride, humour and intelligence provided for us the most insightful, memorable and intense experience of the magic of this astounding paradise. He read our inquisitiveness and desire to really interact with the locals brilliantly. We had THE sweetest and most charming shikar boatman who also took us through his local village, drifted through the floating market at dawn, attended a major Sufi festival at the Hazrat Sheikh Hamza (ra) shrine, visited famous mosques, ambled with relish through the bazaars and winding lanes of the old city. The whole experience haunts me still and I cannot wait to return and with Muza’s expert guidance and deep knowledge to explore more deeply this sweetly hospitable culture and go further into the hinterland. Indeed I have already planned to include Sufi Kashmir as the prelude to my next tour of Bhutan, April 2013 and some of us are already planning a trek in the late Spring.